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 our story

Discovering a passion for something new can happen at any point in our lives. For me, that passion came when I became a mother and started baking wholesome recipes for my family. I quickly fell in love with creating delicious baked goods using real and simple ingredients, and it wasn’t long before my passion for baking turned into an opportunity to spread joy to others.

Baking has become more than just a hobby or a business for me, it’s a way to help people feel happy by eating something simple and good. It’s about spreading positivity, creating connections, and making people feel good through the simple act of baking and sharing.


At Sweet Babu’s we understand that food has the power to bring people together. We strive to create a community around our brand, one that is built on authenticity and a shared love for delicious, wholesome food. We believe in supporting small farms and businesses as much as possible, and if we can’t get it locally, we seek out small farms across the country. By doing this, we not only give you the freshest tasting granola, made with the best organic and local ingredients, but we also help our communities and our planet. We are committed to making the world a better place, one bag of granola at a time.



We Support Local Farms and Businesses